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I am fortunate enough to work with lots of different people and one of my favourite parts of my job as an Interior Designer is getting to know my clients. 

This beautiful Bayside home I designed in the lead up to my wedding last year was a good six month project, my client was a loyal My Little Empire customer, and I was lucky enough to get to know her and the family well enough to be entrusted to take on this mammoth project!

This home truely is a place where you can be yourself, my client has three young daughters, and they all lead busy lives, it was so important that the home not only felt like a tranquil and relaxed place to be, but it had to be functional in order to cater to this lovely family of five.

My main focus was ensuring I selected furniture and pieces that would grow with the family's lifestyle and stand the test of time, while also creating a harmonious balance of laid back style without any pretentiousness.

lauren silvaria stylist

With three young girls bedrooms to design, I was conscious that the bones of their rooms must be able to adapt with them as their tastes grow over the years. I opted for timber and white furniture that can easily accommodate to other colour palettes in years to come. The youngest' bedroom needed to be girly and relaxed at the same time, I chose a soft pink colour palette and incorporated splashes of gold polka dots throughout for a fun vibe.

A fold down desk offers a place to read, draw and paint without taking up lots of valuable floor space.

The master bedroom was by far my favourite room to design as I knew that my client would let me be bold and create a feature wall, so that's exactly what I did! I chose Dulux "Baltica" as this colour really worked well in the space and added the depth and dimension we wanted to create. I offset the richness of the paint colour with a stunning leather and timber bedhead in a luxurious tanned leather, which helped to add warmth and sophistication.

Layers of subtle texture were used in the linen and cushions to add to the snug factor of this gorgeous bed, making you want to face plant into at the end of a long day!

I'm a big fan of greenery all throughout the home as it lifts a space, and in my opinion helps create a sense of calm. From the bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms little pockets throughout the home feature bright pops of greenery, and fresh flowers, and the bedsides were no different.

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  • Hi Lauren
    I was wondering if you could share where you bought the pink flamingo that you styled for the bayside home?

    Thanks !


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