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Its not often that I get to share some of my favourite places to shop, so when I got the opportunity to chat with ING Homewares owner, Andrew, here's what he had to say about his gorgeous shop located in Bentliegh, Vic..

 Ing Homewares is a beautiful store always with unique and one-off pieces, what was your inspiration to open your shop and how long has Ing Homewares been in business?

I opened The store in 2005 with Ing Homewares founder Jennifer Dumet. Both of us wanted to be in a community based shopping strip rather than a shopping centre, and Bentleigh had the right demographic, good foot traffic and we found a building just the right size for what we wanted to create. Over the past 13 years we’ve become a welcomed part of the Bentleigh community which we really value.

 Where do you source your products and designs from? 

Jennifer Dumet lives overseas now however she still designs many of the items in our store which helps to give us our reputation for unique style. The rest comes from 50+ Australian designers and wholesalers.

 Do you design your furniture and homewares, or do you work with a designer?

Jennifer designs the majority of our ceramics, furniture and wall art. We also work with Melbourne clothing designers and local fragrance designers.

 What are this seasons biggest trends that you see for Winter 2018? 

I’ve been seeing a lot of navy, teal, emerald, violet and blush making their way into the industry. I’ve also seen a lot of velvet, linen and bold botanical prints. Having said this, I’ve personally never entertained trends at Ing Homewares. Many retailers try to play safe by following trends and end up finding themselves outpriced by major retail chains following the same trends. I never walk into other homeware stores and I don’t own a television. If I love something I find, then I trust that my customers will too.

For those setting up a new home what are the key pieces that you believe every homeowner should have that makes a statement?

When making a statement I’m a big believer in less is best. The mind is soothed by organisation and consistency. I would choose a minimal colour scheme and introduce it through items such as wall art, a throw, cushions or floor rug, perhaps a sculptural feature piece and some well-positioned lighting. I’ve also always been a big fan of indoor plants/trees.

 Ing Homewares products are very affordable how do you manage to carry unique products at such an affordable price?

The items are available in the market but not always easy to source. While the vast majority of retailers are purchasing the same items from the same wholesalers, we are seeking out lesser known importers, and from them we choose stylish items with a definite emphasis on affordability and point of difference. Jennifer uses the same philosophy when working directly with the factories. She knows the balance where stylish ranges can be manufactured affordably.

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