Introducing Zeele

It's no secret that I love supporting local makers and I am always a sucker for anything that is lovingly handcrafted.
I have been a big fan of Bombora furniture a while now, and have often turned to them to design bespoke pieces for my clients, so I was overjoyed when they announced they would be launching their sister co, Zeele, because too much of a good thing is never enough right?!
Both are located on Victoria's surf coast of Torquay, and are the brainchild of locals Elina Gault, and Luke and Alison Collins. The trio have been developing Zeele since early 2016 once it became clear that head furniture designer Luke was heading in a new creative direction. 
Whilst the usual Bombora pieces are organic with a simple silhouette that leaves the feature filled recycled timber as the hero of the piece, Luke’s new designs had begun to have sharp lines, metal legs and angles. His designs started to head in a different direction, a sleek and stunning combination of timber, meets metal and other tactile finishes like concrete, delivering a harmonious contrast of textures.
Rather than the traditional rustic and bulky industrial style table, a Zeele dining table is refined, sleek and could even be called luxurious.
Adding a Zeele dining table to your home is more than a practical solution, it is a design decision that you will thank yourself for in years to come. Just about any colour under the sun pairs perfectly with the range making them he perfect staple in any home.
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