Rapid Reno Mate -The new way to renovate!

If you are contemplating a renovation or mid-way through an existing reno, you need to download and use the amazing app Rapid Reno Mate……  You can thank me later! Or thank the amazing Naomi Findlay, Australia’s Reno queen for developing this exciting and useful app!

Before Rapid Reno Mate, I used to use excel spreadsheets to track our reno budgets, I’ve used just about every project management program you can imagine, but none of them offered me the features that are so important in managing a renovation.

 With Rapid Reno Mate I now have all our projects at my finger tips on my phone and I can easily access data with the convenience of each project at a swipe of my finger. I wish we had this app years ago, it has taken the stress out of managing multiple projects.

So many people underestimate the cost, and many renovators never complete a full renovation or compromise on the original design as they blow the budget or run out of money.

 To have a successful renovation, its important to understand the trades needed as well as the order and timeline things should happen in, budgets are also top of mind  when it comes to renovating, to ensure you’re not getting ripped off, the app allows you to check what the average price of trades and services should cost you so you never pay more than what you should, giving you peace of mind an confidence when you receive quotes.

One of the best features by downloading the free app, is that you get exclusive deals and access to products to that will fit within your budget, you can even calculate the amount of materials you need so no more wastage or buying too little of carpet, tiles, floorboard or any product for your project, and if you don’t know where to source materials, Rapid Reno Mate  will help you find the nearest supplier, saving you time!

 Reasons to give Rapid Reno Mate a go:

  • Get a true financial position of your renovation cost
  • Track your spending
  • Track the order of your trades
  • Keeps you on track with your reno timeline
  • Compare costs and ensure you are not being overcharged on products and services
  • Connect with respected brands such as Beaumont Tiles, Bristol paints (and more!)
  • Save time searching for product and suppliers

 By using Rapid Reno Mate, your renovation won’t become an endless Money Pit.

Click the link below, download it today and thank me later!






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