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When designing a new kitchen (or bathroom for that matter) it's important to understand the objectives of what it is you're trying to achieve.

For example, is your kitchen in a complete state of disarray where nothing seems to work because it has a poor layout? Or is it simply just needing a facelift?

Recently we revived a tired old kitchen right in the heart of Richmond.

Our client had already explored other options which had consisted of completely changing the floor plan, layout, and basically starting from scratch, this didn't seem like a viable option as he would of overcapitalised on his very expensive renovation, for no more than a "new look" and layout.

So after some clever consideration and planning, and taking a closer look at the space, we were able to recognise that the space was actually very functional for our clients needs, he didn't need a whole lot more than what he already had (maybe just a few extra drawers, because lets face it, you can NEVER have too much storage!) so we decided to keep costs down we would work with the existing layout, and give this kitchen just what it was crying out for- A Facelift!


Now anyone who has actually attempted a quick "make over" on their kitchen knows that sometimes it does seem easier to start from scratch and rip everything out, but we are a determined bunch, and keeping our clients costs to a minimum, while also providing him the desired aesthetic he wanted was our main focus.

We did part of the demo ourselves to keep costs down on labour (don't attempt this at home if you haven't done before!) and then we called in our tradies to do the rest


The kitchen was screaming to be brought into the 21st century. Our clients brief was "minimal, and Nordic" so we selected a fresh, neutral palette to compliment the rest of his scandi style apartment.

 A basic white subway tile, used in a herringbone pattern added interest and contrast, without being too "showy" we introduced a sleek concrete benchtop to keep within the neutral colour palette, and replaced the overhead cabinets with touch close fittings for a seamless, modern look.


We replaced the old outdated sink with an under mounted one, and replaced the tap with a sleek gooseneck tap in Matte black.

To match, we incorporated matte black drawer and cupboard knobs to the base cabinets to break up all the white and balance it out.

Adding in some additional deep drawers offered space for large pots and pans, as well as storing cleaning products under the sink.

 We kept our clients existing appliances, but slightly relocated them to bring them in line with the fire safety codes (it was not to code previously and posed a fire risk)

 Above: using a basic subway tile, but laying it in a different way, adds interest and impact when working with a tight budget.



All in all, our client was very pleased with his new Nordic inspired kitchen, next we will be working on his bathroom! If you need a hand with your next kitchen renovation, but don't know where to start, get in touch with us.

We can help you with everything from the concept, design and installation!

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