The Best Indoor Plants for your Home

Greenery and indoor plants are a MUST in every home!
Not only do they provide a host of health benefits, such as helping to purify the air you breathe (mother nature is pretty amazing right!) but they also just look so damn good, that to me, no space is complete without some kind of green living plant!
So without further a do, I'm going to share with you my top 3 favourite indoor plants.
Coming in at number one is my all time FAVOURITE....
1. THE FICUS (or fiddle leaf fig as many people call it.)

Now these guys do require a bit of attention, but the reward you get in return for keeping your green friend well hydrated speaks for itself really - luscious, gorgeous, glossy green leaves are enough to put a smile on anyone's face!

The trick here is to find a happy medium between too much, and not enough water, I generally water mine when the soil feels dry to the touch, this is usually a good sign that your beloved Ficus is thirsty and could do with a drink.

Be sure to make sure that it gets plenty of natural light too, my husband is a horticulturalist by trade and constantly reminds me that our indoor plants are like batteries that need to be charged by the sun or they'll die, so it makes sense really to either position near a window or have one that is easy to move into the sun a few times a week.


 2. HOYA

Coming in at a very close second is the Hoya. These guys rock! They can look amazing simply potted into a vessel, or hung up high and left to cascade and show off its long green tendrils, they are one of my favourites to use on shelves and bookcases for this very reason, just make sure you don't overwater them and again, give them a nice dose of constant, natural light and they will be happy little editions to your home for years to come!


The Maiden hair fern is an affordable, and readily available option for those wanting to add some greenery into the home.

They look great in bathrooms or kitchens, or small spaces, their fine, papery leaves are delicate to the touch so treat with care. Like most indoor plants they don't require lots of water, but they do need their dose of daily sun light.

I like using these guys in areas where they are placed at, or below eye level, where they can show off their flowing leaves.

So grab one of these three beautiful indoor plants and discover how quickly your home will feel more balanced, recharged and grounded, simply by introducing some greenery into your home.



Lauren x


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