Welcome Winter

Winter is here so I’m going to share with you a few easy tips on how to create ambience in your home without breaking the bank, so that you can give your home that warm, hygge feeling this winter.

I don’t know about you, but in Melbourne we have already had the heater on, and we've started adding layers to keep warm.

Creating a warm, snuggly ambience at home doesn't mean you have to invest in all new soft furnishings to get that warm welcoming feel when you step in the front door of your home.

Simple tricks like using the right lighting with a warm coloured light, creates warmth in any room. The flicker and scent of a beautiful candle and the soft light it radiates can relax the senses and create a warm comfortable environment.

With the range of candles and scents available makers of candles have a fragrance to suit everyone. I have my so many candles it is hard to choose a favourite, as it depends on the day and my mood. But for the cooler months I love candles that have a woodier, more masculine scent.

Some of my favourites are:

  1. The Botany three wick candle from Country Road defiantly evokes a sense of winter for me, it has a deep peppery scent that reminds me a little of Christmas too!     

  1. The Smith & Co Alpine candle really reminds me of skiing at an Alpine lodge, with a gorgeous mix of Vanilla, spices and Coco

   3. Coco Lux do a stunning range of candles and I always have one in our home,        my favourite winter scent is their Spice / Wood scent it has base notes of amber which I love for creating that cosy feeling  

Once you’ve got your home fragrance sorted, then nothing says snuggle and relax more than a big chunky throw or a faux fur throw. This seasons colours are all moody and rich colours and tend to compliment most neutral toned rooms. Mulberries, navy and forest green are big this season but you don’t have to go with the crowd, choose a colour that best fits with your existing pieces in your home, layer up and you’re set!

Gorgeous throws this season:

1. Adairs Chunky knit rib throw in charcoal

2, Sheets on the line Jungle Throw

3. Home Republic Knitted Throw in Teal

These small touches, such as a throw, the flicker of a candle, mood lighting and a couple of textured cushions can instantly change the look of a room and you have added instant ambience and warmth.

Throws, lamps, and candles aren’t just reserved for the loungeroom, layer your bed with a luscious throw, burn a relaxing candle before bedtime, have a warm low wattage lamp next to your bed, and  us this perfect time to change your doona cover to something a little heavier and warmer, mix it up with some of this seasons gorgeous fabrics such as velvet, cotton jersey and flannelette.  

As winter is a time of hibernation and relaxation, all that’s left to do is grab a good book and snuggle under your warm chunky throw.

Some of my top picks are:

  1. The lost flowers of Alice Hart by Holly Ringland

This book is tragic but beautiful at the same time – warning, will make you cry! I could not put this book down and would rate it up there as one of the best I’ve ever read.

    2. The Lost Pages by Marija Pericic


This book won the 2017 Australian Vogel's literary award and I honestly couldn’t put it down, a great read with lots of twists

   3. Humans of New York Stories 


As the name suggests, this book tells stories both sad and happy, of everyday New Yorkers.

Now that you’ve got your winter survival guide, snuggle up and enjoy what this season has to offer!


Lauren x 


Main Image from: Sheets on The Line 


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